How DNA Testing Services Work

You’ve no doubt seen the advertisements for DNA testing services that offer to test your DNA to find out your entire genetic history. and 23andMe are the most famous of the DNA testing companies. And people love these services: over 26 million DNA tests have been performed across all the major companies. The tests are fairly affordable for most people too: the retail cost of these tests are about $50 to $140 per testing kit. And less if you use an Ancestry DNA coupon on your order. But how does the science behind these services work? And are the …

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Photobox and Discount Codes: How to Wean Yourself Off Google Services.

Easing Google Services Withdrawal Pains

Google became the giant that it is by providing amazing free services and generous online storage allowances. Many a Google addict is out there, and recent concerns about security and privacy are bothering some of them.

You don’t have to get rid of all of them

In this article, you’ll get suggestions to replace Gmail, Google+, and Google Search. Google is taking actions that many believe will do away with Google+ anyway, but it is still kicking. Gmail and Search are perhaps the most difficult service habits to kick, but if your concerns are security,

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